Lunch time? here we have the best recipe: German salad seasoned with Herbaria´s Luscious Lettuce. Your body will thank you!

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Impress your family and friends with this simple and tasty BBQ Pork recipe using Sunday Roast premium spice from Herbaria.
You can also try it out with Chicken or Meat!

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Are you hungry? Try these easy recipe and enjoy the delightful flavor that Herbaria´s Oriental Journey gives to Falafel! It also could be used in meat and vegetables.

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With Herbaria´s Scent of the Macchia, you can prepare this healthy and delicious dip that goes well with carrots, vegetables, bread, and any other snack. The perfect dish whenever you have guests at home!

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Delight yourself with these delicious prawns, marinated with Herbaria´s Treasures of the Caribbean premium spice. Let its taste remind you of those perfect vacations on the most beautiful beaches of the world!

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