Jun 11, 2018

We used the word “organic” to talk about fresh products free of man-made pesticides, herbicides, genetic manipulation or toxic chemicals. Moreover it is the perfect option for people that are searching for a different and healthier lifestyle. When you choose organic food in your diet, you are ingesting what nature meant for you and also your promoting the pure agriculture. But what changes by eating organic?

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has come out in favour of organic agriculture and suggests that “a worldwide shift to organic agriculture can fight world hunger and at the same time tackle climate change”. Furthermore, eat organic food will help to protect cellular health, optimize the absorption of nutrients, vitamin, minerals in the body and detoxify it. What is more, eating healthy is delicious, kinder to animals, better for the environment and encourages people to buy their food locally.

Some shoppers seem convinced that buying organic food can be expensive, but when we talk about heath would you accept something harmful? you should better consider to measure the benefits of fresh and healthy products than junk food that don´t give nutrient contribution to your body. So if you want to do the right for your life you must set priorities and choose the best option. By the way, if you do a good research you will find that most of the products are affordable, some tips you can follow are to prioritize your purchases, look for sales or buy directly from farmers.

Some choices for a perfect organic diet are vegetables, fruits, seeds, flour, grains, chocolate, herbs and spices free from toxic substances, you only have to be creative at cooking. For example for breakfast you can have some pancakes prepared with unbleached flour, at lunch you can prepare a colorful quinoa salad and for dinner you can have a pumpkin soup seasoned with organic spices in that way you are going to explore a new flavored and healthier world.

Now that you know more about organic ingestion take the risk and turn your life to a better side!

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