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Our Lovely Clients

This product goes really well with potatoes! I also tried it with cauliflower and I truly enjoyed the taste. You can really use these spices with so many foods, get creative and try them on different veggies! And the best part, you don´t have to worry about the hassle of mixing spices to make your food tasty.

Pablo Latapi

The magnificent colors of India are beautifully blended in this curry. The vegetarian curry I prepared turned out delightful!!!! THANK YOU SAMICHAKRA!!!!

Daniela Weilbauer

I don´t really cook and I´m not the best at blending spices... I tried this product on shrimp and fish and it was a success. This product makes cooking fun, easy, and the best part your food tastes amazing.    

Pablo Latapi

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Cheeky Pumpkin


136 in stock

Fine organic spice blend for soups and stews.  

Tip: Add “Cheeky Pumpkin” to taste during cooking.

14 Ingredients:
Coconut*, rock salt, raw cane sugar*, garlic*, ginger*,...